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3 Reasons Why Even Small Businesses May Need To Hire An Interpreter

Are you the owner of a small business? Have you been considering checking out the international market to find new suppliers? With the modern global economy, the world feels like it is shrinking. No longer do you have to hope that a nearby store carries what you need. Now you can simply find a supplier online who will sell you what you're looking for. However, not everyone in the global marketplace speaks English fluently or even well. Although it's tempting to try to rely on translation sites to get what you need, here are some reasons why you should hire a professional translator or interpreter:

Better grammar: When translating back and forth between two languages, machine translation doesn't always get things correct. The grammar and vocabulary of machine translation can sometimes leave much to be desired. When you are trying to negotiate a new contract for the delivery of goods, you want everything to be as correct and as accurate as possible. A trained French, Chinese, or Spanish interpreter—whatever language your contact speaks—is going to be much better at allowing you to communicate than if you were to rely on just automatic translation software.

Real-time communication: If you attempt to rely on machine translation for your needs, you'll have to resort to text-based methods of communication so that the software has something to work with. A conversation that might take 5 minutes if you were face to face with someone else could stretch out over multiple days or even weeks as you play email tag with the other company. As a business owner, you've probably got much better things to do than to spend days on this kind of project. With an actual Spanish interpreter, for example, you can set up a conference call with your potential supplier, the interpreter, and yourself. While the call might take slightly longer than if everyone were speaking the same language, it will be significantly shorter than emailing back and forth across multiple days.

Look more professional: Since many people don't realize the difference between machine translation and using an actual person, someone who actually hires a professional interpreter is going to look like a more important and professional than the businesses who neglect to take this step. Looking more professional can have many direct and indirect benefits. One potential benefit that you might see is getting an unadvertised discount as a result of being willing and able to properly communicate with your potential supplier. 

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